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AR/VR is one of the most powerful trending technologies that have dominated the tech world. It promises the best future for its user through its immersive experience and bridges the gap between the physical and digital world. Snapchat lenses and Pokemon GO are the best examples of AR. With SmartKnower, you will have personalized, accessible, and well-designed experiences.

Course Curriculum

Get to know in detail about all the key concepts and techniques used to design and learn from basic to advanced topics.

Here, you will be introduced to different versions of realities, i.e., augmented, virtual and mixed reality, and the history of these three. You will also get to know other fundamentals of mixed reality.
In this section, learn about different views and interfaces of Unity 3D. You will also understand Hand Tool and Playthrough Mode.
This module makes you understand dimensional and coordinate systems for 3D modeling, World versus Local Coordinates, and Game Objects.
Introduction to Models and 3D objects, importing Models, understanding textures, shaders, and materials.
In this module, you will understand lights, spotlights, directional Lights, halos, and cookies. Then, you will get to know about cameras and layers and the anatomy of a camera.
You will understand scripts, conditional statements, and operators. You will also be introduced to methods, the anatomy of processes, specific vital inputs, and components.
In this module, there would be an introduction to Prefabs. You will also get to know about, Structure, Working, and Deployment of Prefabs through codes.
Learn fundamental UI Principles and Elements, including text, anchors and buttons, screen-space elements, and world space..
You will learn about Audio Basics, 2D and 3D Audio, parts of audio and importing Audio clips. Understanding starting and stopping of audio and changing audio clips.
In this module, you will learn to use toolkits, Importing Image Database, Adding Virtual Buttons and Publishing settings for Vuforia SDK. Understanding of different toolkits like ARkit, AR Core and AR Toolkit for creating AR samples.


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Frequently Asked Questions

AR/VR are the technologies with the highest calculated growth potential. It is estimated that by the end of 2021, over half of the corporators will adopt AR/VR approach. Be it using social media filters to venturing streets, AR/VR has gone beyond recreation, tourism or retailing, and other affordable services. The latest 5G norm will provide very interesting scenarios for the evolution of AR/VR in the near future.
You can apply through our website, or you can contact us. We will connect you with our experts, and they will guide you through the application process.
The use of AR/VR technologies enables business enterprises and people to work, communicate, and socialize with one another efficiently. These technologies build extensive simulation settings. While the world is running forward at its own pace, AR/VR is proceeding to have a dominating influence on the world.

Virtual Reality immerses you into the computer-generated world of imagination with sounds and symbolisms that will make you explore and do things in the inanimate world. E.g., Video Games, Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, etc

Augmented Reality superimposes digital learning on real-world elements. This allows the users to tackle both the worlds, virtual and real, at the same time. E.g., Snapchat filters, Pokemon GO, etc.

You will have your access for 6 months from the date of start of your internship training program