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Learn to make your machines self-reliant and intelligent to understand and perform operations on their own with Smartknower’s AI Certification Course and excel in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

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Artificial Intelligence is the base of modern automation technologies and principles. AI is a culmination of multiple disciplines like Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Data Science etc. It is a very powerful technique that helps systems automate processes and enables them to run operations without any human intervention. In AI, you will get to learn about techniques like Neural Networks, Image Processing, NLP (Natural Language Processing) and cognitive techniques simulated within machines.

Course Curriculum

Get to know in detail about all the key concepts and techniques used to design and learn from basic to advanced topics.

Background, Need & importance

introduction & installation

Writing first program

i/o in python

Indentation & scopes

if, else & elif blocks

introduction to loops

For & While loops

Break & Continue statements

Introduction to functions

Positional & keyword arguments

Return statements

Try, catch & finally block

map, filter, reduce, lambda

zip, enumerate, sorted

What is AI vs ML vs DL?AI Applications Teachable Mahine - Demo
Artificial Neuron Weights, Bias and Activation Function Forward Propogation
Optimizer - Gradient Descent and Adam Tensorflow and Keras Basics What are Tensors?

Binary Cross Entropy Sigmoid vs Softmax Activation Function

Derivative of Relu and Sigmoid

What is Overfitting?

Regularization techniques

Adding Dropout Layers and Custom Callbacks

What are Filters and Kernels Convolution operation Blurring, Embossing, Sharpening.
Convolutional Layer, Pooling Layer, Padding and Stride Distance


Get certified by pioneers of Ed-tech industry by upskilling in modern technological and entrepreneurial domains.


Pricing Plans

Self Paced

Mentor Led

₹ 4999

  • Co Branding Certificate for Course Completion
  • Internship Certificate from Smartknower
  • 1 minor + 1 Major project
  • 25+ hours of video content access
  • 6 months LMS access
  • 16+ hours of mentor training
  • Outstanding Certificate on successfull completion of extra projects

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Frequently Asked Questions

AI’s greatest strength lies in automation and facilitating high-speed and efficiency for processes in whatever capacity it is used in. It employs multiple high-end practices like Machine Learning, Statistics, Deep Learning and Neural Networks.
A person requires knowledge of algorithms, calculus, Machine Learning, Statistics, Programming and Neural Networks to become an expert in AI.
There are no prerequisites for this course as we teach from scratch.
AI is a field of burgeoning potential due to which is expected to create 2.3 million jobs by 2020-21. There are multiple options in AI like Automation engineer, AI Systems Architect, NLP Engineer etc.
AI is a highly rewarding career option with pay ranging from ₹6 LPA for freshers which can lead up to ₹12 LPA at a maximum. It also depends on knowledge levels and experience within the field. Senior operatives stand to earn close to ₹30-35 LPA.
The project phase will see you work on 1 Minor and 1 Major project which will be based on real-world technicalities.