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Big Data Platform

‘Big Data’ refers to the plethora of data which is now available to help the organizations in shaping strategies, optimizing the operations, and even recognizing the customer tendencies.

By Taha May 25th

Online courses

With the growth of the internet and businesses having a more active presence online, it’s obvious that most of the services would be delivered online as well.

By Taha May 25th

Future with Artificial intelligence.

The diverse nature of Artificial Intelligence has evolved almost everything around us.

By Taha Sept 12th

How to be an effective campus ambassador?

One of the best ways to get recognized in your college/university and establish your professional skills is by becoming a campus ambassador.

By Taha Sept 12th

5 reasons you should become a campus ambassador

Campus ambassador programs are one of the best methods to boost your employability and ensure that you are contributing towards your very own future.

By Taha Sept 12th

Programming languages to learn in 2020

Technology and businesses go hand in hand in the modern era. Where there are thousands of programs to implement in businesses, understanding what’s right is also important.

By Taha 23rd Sept

How to get started with Python Programming (Best tips for beginners)

Python is a very diverse programming language, that’s for sure.

By Taha 23rd Sept

Do internships count as work experience?

Starting with your career, you might find it often difficult to convince your potential employers to give you a chance in the work environment just to prove your worth.

By Taha 23rd Sept