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Which Big Data Platform is the best in 2021?

Writer-TahaBy Taha
May 25th

‘Big Data’ refers to the plethora of data which is now available to help the organizations in shaping strategies, optimizing the operations, and even recognizing the customer tendencies.

The Big Data platforms represent a drastic shift in the way of capturing, processing and storing data for all kinds of organizations.

However, the data management techniques that most of the organization’s practice aren’t flexible enough to handle big data at all. Nonetheless, there are a lot of big data consulting services available to help you grow your business. To practice proper data management, you usually need to sort from the best.

Data management vendors have now introduced a whole new class of products.

A lot of data platforms combine relational and non-relational technologies. Some rely on Hadoop and NoSQL.

While such strategies still work, some organizations are also known to run exclusively within the corporate data centres and some just in the cloud.

Most of these services require full-time big data consulting services to put the whole thing together. Some depend on the in-house technical experts to install, tune and manage the big data platforms and make the whole organization functional.

Big Data Platforms

There are a lot of big data platforms in the market today. Here are some of the best big data platforms which could be deemed totally fit for your business:


If you want to increase your marketing Return of Investment (ROI), Kissmetrics is the best platform for you. It enables you to understand and engage your customers just on the basis of their behaviour.

It even helps you manage and automate the delivery of the single-shot emails and ongoing email campaigns based on customer behaviour. The company also rolled out Kissmetrics for E-commerce. It helps in increasing the social media ROI, focusing more on Facebook and Instagram.

The users are open to access the web-based training and resources to improve their marketing campaigns. The new users also get a customer success rep for the first 2 months and guidance to get the most from the platform.


If you are tired of mining your own data and analyzing it with spreadsheets after spreadsheets, then InsightSquared is the most ideal option for you. It connects you to the popular business solutions which you can use to gather data and extract the actionable information.

The suite of products which it provides also includes marketing, financial and supporting the analytics tools. It offers you a free trial as well. The whole service which it offers basically eliminates the need for any kind of Big Data solution providers.

Google Analytics

There is no need for you to begin with expensive software to gather data about your business. You can do that right away for absolutely free with Google Analytics which is a free digital analytics platform from Google. It gives the small as well as huge businesses the tools to analyze their website data and understand their customer behaviour.

With this amazing tool, you can also extract the long-term data to reveal all kinds of trends and information which help you make the data-driven decisions. You don’t need any kind of big data consulting services when you can do all of it on your own. It helps you monitor the traffic sources and how the audiences engage with your content.

It also helps you in analyzing social media traffic, helping you in making changes to your social media campaigns, and eliminate anything which isn’t working out for you.


Tranzlogic has a specific kind of function.

It works with the merchants and the payment systems for analyzing the proprietary data from the credit card purchases.

Such information could be used to measure the sales performance, evaluate the customer segments and improve promotions as well.

Above all, this service doesn’t require any kind of consulting services to get you started with. There’s no kind of installation or programming needed which means you can simply log in and access your very own merchant portal.

So, these were some of the best big data platforms to get your business working smoothly and in the right way. You can make sure to choose a single platform based on your needs and get working with it easily.

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