Introduction to Business Analytics

This program has been designed for fresh graduates and early career professionals looking to build their career in Business Analytics.

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Experience a unique way to learn Business concepts. SmartKnower teaches you to use statistical methods for analyzing business data to gain new perspicacity and improve your decision-making skill.

Take your business to greater heights by gaining the perfect business training from SmartKnower.

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Business Analytics is the art of gaining new insights and improving strategic decision-making by using existing data, statistical methods, and technologies.

We will equip you with knowledge so that you can make data-driven decisions to ensure your companies' success.

Course Curriculum

Get to know in detail about all the key concepts and techniques used to design and learn from basic to advanced topics.

Get introduced to the most user-friendly language - Python! Learn Python Fundamentals- data types, strings, array and PANDAS (Data Handling).
Learn the applications of Bell Curve - Central Tendency, Dispersion, Kurtosis, Probability Distributions, Hypothesis Testing, Point and Interval Estimations.
In this module, you will learn Exploratory Data Analysis to analyze the data and identify the characteristics required from the data.
You will understand the most important statistical concept - Regression. Learn Simple, linear regression, R2, and adjusted R2, Interpretation of Coefficients.
You will understand Logistic Regression, KS Chart, AUC ROC, Chi-square Test, Confusion Matrix.
In this module, you will learn about Gain, Gini Index, CHAID decision tree, and Random Forest.
This module gets equipped with Clustering Techniques like K- Means Clustering and Hierarchical Clustering.
In this section, you will learn Forecasting Techniques like Moving Average, Exponential Smoothing, ARIMA, and Forecast Models like Trend, Seasonality, Cyclicity are very important to forecast sales and requirements
Discussion of the project as a part of the curriculum.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The four different types of analytics are Descriptive Analytics, Diagnostic Analytics, Predictive Analytics and Prescriptive Analytics.

The skills and the strategies needed for Data Analytics and Business Analytics are different.

The techniques used in Data Analytics are Statistical methods, Use of R and SAS languages, Data mining and visualization for reporting, Database design, Machine learning techniques, Analytic problem solving and Creative thinking

The techniques used in Business Analytics are Statistical Methods, Forecasting, Programming skills, Data mining and visualization, Business intelligence and reporting, Use of query software, Predictive Modeling, Creative Thinking, and Effective Communication, Analytic problem solving, Statistical analysis, and Software understanding.

Business Analytics is regarded as one of the highest paying jobs in the Data Science World.

This field has attained new heights due to the technological boom, and it is estimated that the job opportunities will get double fold in the coming decade.

But due to technology surpassing the skills of professionals, thousands of job roles go unfilled.

We want to skill, upskill and reskill people in Business Analytics and arm them adequately to enter the technological revolution.

You can apply through our website, or you can contact us.

We will connect you with our experts, and they will guide you through the application process.

We believe that having practical knowledge in any subject is a must.

We strongly recommend practical learning to instill knowledge in our learners.

Thus we provide projects that are to complete during this course.