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Keep your system and network safe from harmful intrusions and exposures to the working infrastructure. Gain knowledge about the concepts in great detail with Smartknower’s Cyber Security Certification Course.

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Cyber Security is an essential tool for a person or organization to protect their systems, networks and the essential information from shrouded intruders who cause harm and compromise the entire infrastructure. In this course, you will get to learn about the various types of attacks like viruses, trojan horses etc and also various levels of hacking. Then you will be introduced to encryption and security practices and systems to protect your systems.

Course Curriculum

Get to know in detail about all the key concepts and techniques used to design and learn from basic to advanced topics.

As engaging as the topic sounds, learning about Cyber Security necessitates a good understanding of the various networks available in the tech world.
Tapping into the source of the infiltration and understanding the nature of the various attacks enable us to take appropriate security measures giving us the upper hand against the perpetrators
Variety is the attractive challenge in this world. Every variety of Hack has a different technique of tackling. This makes it essential for us to study the cyber crimes and types of hackers extensively.
Hacking and Hackers, both being mysterious, through this module, we learn how secure the existing systems are and formulate a way to evade malicious activities.
Tools and Techniques are the weapons to make our data more secure everyday and these are introduced here.
Identification of loopholes sounds exciting, yet is a herculean task. This section helps us to enlist the threats and vulnerabilities.
Introduces us to concepts that we can use to code our way through solutions to problems that shake even the giant companies.


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  • 25+ hours of video content access
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  • 16+ hours of mentor training
  • Outstanding Certificate on successfull completion of extra projects

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cyber Security is a modern principle that contains methods and techniques to safeguard your computers, networks and other business system infrastructure from harmful external intrusions through packaged programs that intend malicious consequences.
Cyber Security can be considered a part of Computer Networking where it focuses on security measures and techniques to protect computer networks from being compromised by viruses etc.
We don’t expect the candidates to have any prior knowledge or experience in the field although some basic knowledge is always welcome. Your curiosity, interest and dedication are all that we expect and what will help you learn more.
Cyber Security offers a plethora of opportunities in the industry like Systems Engineer, Security Analyst, Ethical Hackers, Network Systems Moderator, System Security Engineer and Information Security Officer which are diverse and lucrative in their own respect.
Cyber Security is an exciting field with options for a good pay-packet. The pay varies depending on experience, knowledge and job role and scope. Typically, Cyber Security professionals earn an average of ₹7.8 LPA which can increase to as much as ₹17 LPA. A fresher can earn around ₹3-3.5 LPA.