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Get rich in the knowledge of one of the essential units of modern currency - Data, with Smartknower’s comprehensive certification course stay ahead of the Data Science curve and competition.

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Data is one of the most important commodities in today’s world. With billions of bytes of data available every second, the ability to gain useful insights from data for various decisions is an important factor in harnessing the potential of data. Smartknower’s Data Science Course will introduce you to concepts like Python programming for Data Science, Data retrieval, manipulation, and storage to help you stay ahead of the data curve and uncertainty.

Course Curriculum

Develop knowledge and interest by knowing what you learn in the field of Data Science from Python programming to Data visualization

Introduction to the most user-friendly language , Python! Learn types of data, multidimensional lists and functions, Dictionaries.
Understanding Global and Local Variables, __init__ function, Packages and modules with PIP, Exceptional handling.
Introduction to libraries - Numpy, Pandas, Matplot and Seaborn.
Understanding Analysis of Data using Numpy, Pandas, Matplot, Seaborn libraries.
Introduction to Machine Learning and types. Understanding training and testing data; pickling and scaling, Classification and Regression introduction.
Understanding Linear and Logistic Regression, Understanding Supervised Learning Algorithms-Support Vector Machine, Random Forest and their examples.
Understanding Unsupervised Learning Algorithm - K-means Clustering, Hierarchical Clustering and examples.
Introduction to Natural Language Processing - Stemming, Lemmatization, Part of Speech Tagging and relevant examples.

Pricing Plans

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₹ 3999

  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Internship Certificate from Smartknower or Internship Certificate from one of our partner on successful project completion
  • 1 minor + 1 Major project
  • 30+ hours of video content access
  • MTA Examination Coupon
  • 16+ hours of mentor training

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Frequently Asked Questions

Data has become one of the most important commodities in modern times on the lines of water and oil. Hence Data Science which is the study of this data has found prominence with the capability of unearthing insights from the data made possible.
Concepts pertaining to Data Science like Data Wrangling, Exploration, Analysis and Predictive Modelling using Machine Learning. These will be taught right from the basics.
Data Science finds usage in any and every field where there is a requirement for data and mechanisms that are present for analysis and extraction.
There are no prerequisites placed for learning Data Science with us. Only your interest and consistency is required.
Data Science offers a multitude of career options like Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Systems Architect and Statistical Analyst.
As per reputed sources, a career in Data Science is worth an average pay of ₹10 LPA with entry-level being at ₹5 LPA and the highest going till ₹18-20 LPA which can increase further depending on seniority and experience.