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Excel in the art of making concept machines that specialize in learning and working on their own to analyze data and provide predictions and analysis with Smartknower’s Certification Course.

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Machine Learning is a unique sector of computing that works in making machines that are capable of handling operations and functions on their own. You will learn about concepts on statistical analysis, algorithms, data retrieval, Python ML packages etc. With knowledge from Industrial Experts and gain through certificates from International universities and firms like Microsoft you can build your path towards a successful career in Machine Learning with our course.

Course Curriculum

Get to know in detail about all the key concepts and techniques used to design and learn from basic to advanced topics.

Background, Need & importance

introduction & installation

Writing first program

i/o in python

Indentation & scopes

if, else & elif blocks

introduction to loops

For & While loops

Break & Continue statements

Introduction to functions

Positional & keyword arguments

Return statements

Try, catch & finally block

map, filter, reduce, lambda, zip, enumerate, sorted

Sklearn Library

Prediction pipeline

Architecture of Linear Regression

Best fit line & prediction

Regression v/s Classification

Logistic Regression's architecture

Sigmoid functions

Binary v/s Multiclass data

Hyperplanes & Support Vectors

Architecture of SVM Classifiers

K-Nearest Neighbors classifiers

Accuracy comparisons

Tree based models

Bagging & Boosting

Concept of Ensemble models

Random Forest Classifier

Need of unsupervised learning

K-means clustering

Training kmeans

Mean shift clustering

K-means v/s Mean Shiftclustering

Industrial use cases of unsupervised learning


Get certified by pioneers of Ed-tech industry by upskilling in modern technological and entrepreneurial domains.


Pricing Plans

Self Paced

Mentor Led

₹ 4999

  • Co Branding Certificate for Course Completion
  • Internship Certificate from Smartknower
  • 1 minor + 1 Major project
  • 25+ hours of video content access
  • 6 months LMS access
  • 16+ hours of mentor training
  • Outstanding Certificate on successfull completion of extra projects

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Frequently Asked Questions

Smartknower’s Machine Learning Course will teach you A-Z concepts pertaining to the domain and help you turn into a great exponent in the field with theoretical knowledge and practical experience to boot.
We always employ a ground-level approach to training students in the concepts pertaining to the domain and hence are glad to inform that there is no prerequisite knowledge required.
Apart from finding the best environment to learn in with Smartknower, there are some software and hardware requirements like IDE and processing power required to run programs.
Machine Learning contains numerous career options like Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist, Statistical Analyst etc.
Machine Learning is one of the highest paying domains today with an average pay of ₹7.5-8 LPA with the ceiling being at ₹14-15 LPA and entry-level pay being ₹4-5 LPA based on knowledge and experience.
Projects will be based on the concepts that have been learnt during training and will be based on your choice and pertinence with real-world technicalities.