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Procreate virtual human equivalents that can simulate human emotions and work with the knowledge of Robotics with Smartknower’s Robotics Certification Course. Learn from expert mentors through live interactive sessions.

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Robotics is the buzz in modern technology and it is one of the torchbearers of automation. Knowledge of Robotics helps a person to be better equipped in creating virtual human equivalents that can perform tasks similar to humans and without human intervention. In this course, you will be learning about what Neural Networks are, programming, creation of the electrical synapses and other components and programs that run a robot or its process.

Course Curriculum

Get to know in detail about all the key concepts and techniques used to design and learn from basic to advanced topics.

Introduces us to the ever-evolving robotics world, starting with the variety of robotic arms and their wide applications.
We understand the mechanisms (Forward and Inverse Kinematics) responsible for the fascinating working of Autonomous and Controlled Robots.
Introduces us to an Open-source platform, Arduino, used to make interactive projects based upon innovative ideas.
This module introduces us to concepts like Servo motors to ensure optimum positioning of robotic arm necessary for efficient working of robots.
Servo Shield plays a crucial role in connecting various servos in case of Robots. Understanding of such Power inputs is necessary to precisely tackle robots.
Tells us about putting together the robotic arms with knowledge of Four Bar Mechanisms.
Without the Software running it, the built robot will remain just a model. Arduino Programming gives life to a robot.
No machine is designed without Accuracy. It is equally necessary to learn tools and techniques to monitor and improve efficiency.


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  • Outstanding Certificate on successfull completion of extra projects

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Frequently Asked Questions

Robotics is a more complex and disciplined approach of AI towards automation where human-like machine equivalents can simulate and work like humans without any intervention in any environment. This enhanced capability is what has endeared Robotics as a field of learning for many people.
Although it may sound complex and very detailed, Robotics is nothing but the hype and is a very easy concept to understand. It just requires simple analytical and logical skills with a good hold on programming practices.
Robotics is a superlative application of AI and hence includes (not mandatory) knowledge of Statistics, Modelling, Neural Networks, Machine Learning and Mathematics.
There are two basic types of robots: Autonomous (Self-controlled) and Controlled (which require human control but not intervention).
Robotics in itself is a very high-paying and interesting option to take up as a career. There are options like Robotics Engineer, AI Engineer, System Networks Administrator, Programmers etc.