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Spin your creative trap on the Internet with knowledge and expertise in building resilient and interactive websites. Gain A-Z knowledge concerning web development and handling with Smartknower’s Internship Course.

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Using web development you can create well-designed, interactive and resilient websites. Learn about the creative and website handling aspects of Web Development with Smartknower’s Smart Course that teaches you from basics of HTML & CSS to interactive techniques like JavaScript and website handling techniques concerning backend development like PHP and SQL. Through this course, you learn to implement Website Hosting as well and also excel in making and managing websites and apps simultaneously.

Course Curriculum

Get to know in detail about all the key concepts and techniques used to design and learn from basic to advanced topics.

This module introduces us to working of websites, right usage of HTML tags and DOM structure.
Helps us learn the styling using CSS elements, CSS classes and learn the Box Model.
This module helps us improve the styling by learning Detailed Positioning and Complex Selectors.
Helps us to make the design of our website responsive to the customer’s needs and surroundings and can learn how to make the websites go live.
Introduces us to a popular Language of Java Script – Fundamentals, Object Classes and Dynamic Websites.
Helps us to learn Twitter Bootstrap and Bootstrap Grid System
Helps us to learn CSS processors, build and deploy web projects; Introduction to technologies like Django and NodeJS.
This module helps us learn Django views, templates, model layers; Ms SQL Basics
Helps us learn to fetch information from website through REST APIs.


Get certified by pioneers of Ed-tech industry by upskilling in modern technological and entrepreneurial domains.


Pricing Plans

Self Paced

Mentor Led

₹ 4999

  • Co Branding Certificate for Course Completion
  • Internship Certificate from Smartknower
  • 1 minor + 1 Major project
  • 25+ hours of video content access
  • 6 months LMS access
  • 16+ hours of mentor training
  • Outstanding Certificate on successfull completion of extra projects

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Frequently Asked Questions

At its core, Web Development (as the name implies) focuses on how to create, design, manage and make websites on the Internet feel interactive and attractive as well as resilient.
With Smartknower there are no prior requirements for taking up and learning this course as we will be training from level zero.
Prominent Web Development Languages including frontend HTML, CSS, Javascript and backend data handling languages like PHP and C#.
Absolutely, Web Development is an in-demand industry as organizations have now moved online and it has become mandatory for every business to have a successful website to promote their business online and reach out to more customers.
Although Web Development might not pay as much as other fellow computing disciplines, it pays a healthy amount with the average pay being around ₹5 LPA leading up to ₹8 LPA at a maximum.
There will be assessments during the training phase that will test your knowledge of the concepts taught and then you will be working on 1 Minor and Major project respectively based on individual concepts or a capstone equivalent that requires cohesive use of all practices taught to you in the course.